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Car, Car Dealership, Car Salesperson.

VIN-code – what is it for?

Most car manufacturers use VIN-code, the structure of which is defined by the international standard ISO 3779-1983. Due to the international standard ISO 3779, which describes the format of the VIN-code (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle, it is not only easy to classify and identify the vehicle, but it serves as a reliable protection against unauthorized use and theft.

According to ISO 3779, VIN-code is a set of seventeen characters. It is permitted to use all Arabic numerals and letters (and C D F Е G H J K M P L N R S T V W U X Y Z), except for the letters Q, O, I. These letters are prohibited to use, because O and Q look quite similar, while O and I can be confused with 0 and 1.

VIN-code consists of numbers and letters, a combination of which cannot be changed, because this code is created with the help of a special algorithm of computing a control number. Using this control number, you check if the car has been hijacked or not. Even if one knows the principle of creating an algorithm, the hijackers cannot fake the VIN and the control number.

VIN-code is a reliable and unambiguous identification of the vehicle, which is almost impossible to falsify. Because of the unique structure of the code and the control number, the risk of buying a stolen car is greatly reduced.

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